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When it comes to the future of working in finance across this land we know what business leaders, economists and politicians think – but what do you think?

The Financial Services Union is the leading trade union representing staff in the financial services sector. It has members just like you located across the financial services sector.

Our people are busy, committed and right at the nerve centre of the economy. They are spread out across financial services, in banking, the fintech sector, asset management and specialist support firms everywhere.

We share common values – a commitment to decency, fairness and respect in our workplaces. As staff in financial institutions we want to put our concerns at the heart of our organisation.

We want to know how workers like us are faring. How you are holding up and what you are thinking.


    The FSU are running the finance workers survey. So, we as a union, can improve the lives of people who work in finance.


    It’s only going to take a few minutes…

    So, take the survey right now, or bookmark it for when you get home or have some time to kill in transit on your phone.




    What you think matters

    While work may no longer define who we are, it certainly plays a huge role in shaping our lives.

    Finance workers like us face a complex range of issues like pay, performance and new technologies.

    Like all workers, housing health and the work life balance hugely impact on OUR quality of life.

    These issue matter to us as a union.


    You know that being in a union brings real benefits, right?

    Here’s just three ways the Financial Services Union is making working life easier…

    Better Working

    Union workplaces are better workplaces, with better pay and terms and conditions than non union workplaces. The Financial Services Union works to secure fair pay increases, and establish better outcomes for workers in areas like pensions, annual leave and working time which mean a better life for you at work.

    Making Your
    Voice Heard

    With a union, your voice will be heard at work. You will get more say on the issues that effect you. The FSU works with members to appeal outcomes which they feel are unfair to them, often securing improvements. We ensure your voice is heard when decisions are being taken which affect you.

    A Fairer Sector
    For All Staff

    The FSU is represented across banking, finance and tech services. We are the workplace experts on the issues that effect you. With FSU, you can bring your membership with you wherever you work. We want you to have the best working life possible.

    Joining your union is real simple. Day or night.


    Help promote the survey

    • Talk to workmates

      Let them know the survey is happening and share it it into any WhatsApp groups you use!

    • Talk to old college buddies

      Maybe you’ve friends from back in the day scattered across the industry!

    • Get posters & brochures

      Contact us for materials and see if it’s okay to leave them around work!

    • Join the conversation

      Follow how the survey is going at #yoursayonfinance & share your thoughts!

    • Follow us on social media

      Add us to your feeds & share our materials. Links are below!

    • Spread the word

      Big up the survey in your professional groups and training seminars!

    Connect with your union…

    We are the collective voice of staff in some of the leading financial institutions across Ireland and beyond. Built on a network of locally elected representatives, we pride ourselves on being our members’ voice in negotiations with employers on critical issues such as pay, working time, leave and health and safety.

    We also provide a professional advice, support and representative service for members on an individual level. Our trained workplace representatives fight to ensure that each member is treated fairly in the workplace.


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